Fitness Checkup Package

Despite an excellent medical infrastructure in UAE, there has been an evident rise in the lifestyle diseases. These lifestyle diseases include obesity, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and mental illnesses too. Being young does not mean you are healthy and fit. The intelligible way to assure a complete health and fitness is to undergo a fitness checkup package.

Remember – an early detection not only saves you from even the deadliest of illnesses but also helps in controlling and treating them.

Our medical fitness checkup  is strongly recommended for young people upto the age of 25 years.

For Men

Market Price: 3645  AED
  Offer Price : 2500 AED
  You Save : 1145 AED

For Women

Additional test for females worth AED 625 for 275 AED only. View Details
Market Price: 4270  AED
  Offer Price : 2775 AED
  You Save : 1495 AED
Fitness Checkup Package
Category Test Details   (View Description)
Doctor's Counselling Complete Clinical assessment
Physical assessment
Infection Markers
Urine Routine
Urine Microscopic
Diabetes Markers
Blood sugar level - Fasting
Blood sugar level - PP
Kidney Function Tests
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Liver Function Tests
Heart Status Indicators Lipid Profile
Chest x-ray
2 D echo
Abdominal ultrasound Sonography of Abdomen and Pelvis
Additional Tests for Women
Doctor's Counselling
Gynaecological Counselling
Cancer Marker test Pap Smear

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