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Prevention is better than costly cure!
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Health is Wealth

In today’s times, we are constantly working hard to get a good life for ourselves and our loved ones. Somewhere this hectic lifestyle usually takes a toll on our health. So what good is this entire struggle when you cannot stay healthy to fulfill your dreams?

An assured way to lead a carefree healthy life is to prioritize your health and go for a full body checkup. Only when you know your health status you can take the necessary steps to stay healthier and eventually work towards your aspirations. Additionally, with this preventive medical health check up, you can even overcome fatal illness like cancer, heart diseases, etc. when identified at an early stage ensuring a timely treatment and cure.

Fitness Checkup - (Essentia-18 To 25 years)

Market Price : AED 3645
You Save : AED 1145
Offer Price : AED 2500
Market Price : AED 4270
You Save : AED 1495
Offer Price : AED 2775
Fitness Checkup
Essential Heart Checkup

Essential Heart Checkup - (Superia - 25 To 35 years)

Market Price : AED 5500
You Save : AED 2200
Offer Price : AED 3300
Market Price : AED 6125
You Save : AED 2550
Offer Price : AED 3575

Full Body Checkup - (Optima - 35 years & above)

Market Price : AED 10609
You Save : AED 4109
Offer Price : AED 6500
Market Price : AED 11634
You Save : AED 4634
Offer Price : AED 7000
Full Body Checkup