Essential Heart Checkup

The recent healthcare statistics reveal that even the younger generation is at the risk of heart diseases. The combination of unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle, work stress associated with addictions like smoking or drinking is the root cause of these lifestyle diseases.

The ultimate solution to control the early incidence of cardiovascular diseases is a heart checkup package. This medical checkup is recommended for the age group 25 to 35 years.

For Men

Market Price: 5500  AED
  Offer Price : 3300 AED
  You Save : 2200 AED

For Women

Additional test for females worth AED 625 for 275 AED only. View Details
Market Price: 6125  AED
  Offer Price : 3575 AED
  You Save : 2550 AED
Essential Heart Checkup
Category Test Details   (View Description)
Doctor's Counselling Complete Clinical / physical examination and final consultation
Infection Marker
Urine Routine
Urine Micro
Diabetes Marker
Fasting sugar
PP - Sugar
Kidney Function
Blood Urea
Serum Creatinine
Liver Function
Vitamin Check Vitamin B12
Thyriod Check TSH
Heart Status Indicator Lipid Profile
Chest x-ray
2 D echo Stress test
Abdominal Check USG Pelvis
Lung Function Pulmonary Function Test
Additional Tests for Women
Doctor's Counselling
Gynaecology consultation
Cancer Marker PAP Smear

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