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Why Prevention

Prevention is the new trend in the UAE healthcare sector. Following are a few alarming healthcare statistics:

  • UAE accounts for 26% of the total healthcare spend by Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) governments.
  • UAE’s per capita healthcare expenditure was at $1,569 in 2013, which is the 2nd highest in the GCC.

Importance of Preventive Health Checkup

How many of us have experienced or heard about the lifestyle disorders? In the hurry to settle down make money and meet the needs of families, we often get ambitious and work for extended hours. We usually indulge in unhealthy eating habits associated with a physically inactive routine. By ignoring these issues overtime, our body is put at the direct risk of fatal illness like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and many more.

Hence, we should follow a healthy eating pattern, exercise daily and become aware of the benefits of routine medical checkup. Remember - just like Rome was not built in one day; our body has not been damaged in a single day. Due to this prolonged unhealthy lifestyle the body is already in a “run-down” situation. So take care of your health with a healthy lifestyle and stay healthier with a regular health checkup and opting for a wellness check-up program.

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