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Indus Health Plus leverages over 5 years of specialized expertise as a trusted partner for expatriate healthcare needs in the GCC and UAE.Our commitment to excellence is further supported by our global network of credible providers who offer top-notch care to expatriates across the globe.

We adeptly navigate the complexities of global healthcare regulations, facilitating seamless collaboration with insurance providers and TPAs to deliver efficient expat care. In today's interconnected world, the demand for effective Home Country Treatment (HCT) solutions is critical for insurance companies and TPAs in UAE and Qatar.

Indus Health Plus offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to seamlessly manage treatment requests across multiple countries, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, Jordan, and the Philippines.

Our dedicated team

Why Choose Us for Your HCT Needs:

At Indus Health Plus, we are dedicated to providing personalized support through dedicated account management, ensuring expatriates receive tailored healthcare solutions that precisely meet their unique needs. Our commitment to expat well being includes comprehensive genomic testing and strategic healthcare investments.

Global Network Access: Become a member and get the advantage of our strong network of certified service providers, which includes repeated and reliable top-quality health assistance.

Localized Expertise: Part of our group has spent years learning about different healthcare systems and they have firsthand knowledge in the various countries around the world, which enables them to work with populations and officials according to the norms, regulations, and culture.

Efficient Coordination: The minimalistic system of operations we use and our ability to stay on top of matters, are such that there is no time lost in the process of settling in and we also flawlessly cooperate with our preferred service providers.

Focus on Quality and Efficiency: We are able to go beyond the expectations of patients through quick Turnaround Times (TAT) and one-on-one care which are the key points of satisfaction for our organization aside from being a general health care satisfying the expectations of our patients through high quality health care solutions.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Enjoy competitive pricing models and transparent cost structures that ensure cost efficiency without compromising on care quality.

Comprehensive Support: From specialized surgical packages to travel assistance and cashless transactions, our comprehensive support enhances the overall patient experience.

Proven Track Record: Indus Health Plus has a solid history of successfully managing complex cases, achieving high member satisfaction, and delivering positive healthcare outcomes.

Our USPs

Personalized Services

Tailored Care

Faster TAT

Rapid Turnaround

Own Service Providers in India

Nationwide Network

Competitive Quote

Competitive Pricing

Transparent Process

Transparent Operations

Special Surgical Packages

Specialized Surgery Packages

Excellent Support

Dedicated Support

Travel Assistance

Travel Coordination

Can Serve to Asked Countries

Global Coverage


Cashless Transactions

Our Partners

The contribution of our organization is in establishing new guidelines for the management of Home Country Treatment. With the help of Indus Health Plus, you will find your healthcare service delivery upgraded to an elite level and your patients and clients served at a higher-than-expected level.

Our Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it; read what they say

Ali Al Majid

Vishwa Pillai


I thought I was in great health until I learnt the results of my Coronary Calcium Test. This Cardiac diagnostic test confirmed two severe blockages. I took the decision of travelling to India and getting treated by one of Indias leading preventive healthcare specialists- Indus Health Plus. I feel like I experienced the best in cardiac care- before, after and during my treatment. I would like to thank Indus for saving my life.

Aslam Abdullah

Ushanta Kulsuriya

Sri Lanka

I had been in pain for the last 5 years before I underwent my Total Knee Replacement surgery with Indus and now I am pain free. I was back to walking normally, even climbing ladders after a couple of weeks of the surgery. Apart from exceptional surgical care, I was delighted to experience the warmth of the hospitality and unfailing assistance for Medical Visa and Travel arrangements provided by Indus. I would recommend Indus to anyone.

Tom Arthur

Tamim Bashar


I visited India for a medical trip this August. I was suffering from acute problem of Arthritis and was bedridden for over couple of years. Indus Health Plus has been a blessing in disguise. They carefully examined me and offered the best possible treatment during my trip to India. I cannot imagine a better and supportive healthcare assistance other than Indus Health Plus.

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