About Us

Welcome to Indus Health Plus, which has been a trailblazer in preventative healthcare since inception in 2000. We are at the forefront of preventing diseases through early detection and have spread our message throughout India as well as the Gulf area.

Our Mission: At Indus Health Plus, we are committed to changing perceptions from curative treatment to preventive awareness. We focus on tailor-made corporate health check-ups that aim at making preventive healthcare a norm rather than an exception.

Why Choose Us:

  • Proactive Health Management: Amidst rising stress levels, environmental pollutants, and sedentary lifestyles, proactive health management is crucial.
  • Early Detection: Speed up treatment by detecting early diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and some cancers.
  • Efficient Treatment: Saving lives through preventing health risks from escalating and reducing the emotional and financial strain on families.

Our Commitment to Healthcare:

  • Available: Making healthcare accessible across regions with a network of delivery partners in 78 cities across 122 centers in 17 states.
  • Accessible: Reaching over 80 lakh individuals with our preventive healthcare services.
  • Affordable: Benefiting more than 7 lakh families nationwide with comprehensive and affordable preventive health checkup packages.

Join Us: Our commitment to Indus Health Plus extends beyond just providing timely health check-ups that saves life but also improves well-being. Secure your health and build a healthier future with us.