Procedure for AICD


What Is an AICD?

AICD - Automatic Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator is a battery operated small electronic device fixed to the chest for monitoring irregular heartbeat and sending electrical energy signals to stimulate the heart function.

How Does The AICD Pacemaker Function?

AICD pacemaker is implanted just below the collarbone and it consists of a pulse generator and leads. The pulse generator has a tiny computer, electronic circuitry and a battery. Leads are the wires from the pulse generator extended and connected to the heart chambers.

AICD device continually keeps monitoring the heart rhythm. The device remains inactive when the heartbeat is normal.  However, when it senses a dropping heartbeat it sends electrical shocks to the heart muscles to trigger its function. AICD pacemaker is capable of varying the intensity of defibrillator shock from low to high. As the initial step it passes low signal and when it is not effective, the energy level is increased.

Why Do You Need a Surgery For AICD Placement?

AICD implantation is done successfully by our experienced heart surgeons at the best hospitals. The surgical procedure takes about 1-2 hours and now minimally invasive techniques are used for AICD placement. A stay of 1-2 days for surgical preparation, procedure and post-surgery monitoring is required.

Recovery After Pacemaker Defibrillator Surgery

A complete recovery from the pacemaker defibrillator surgery usually takes about 4-8 weeks. One has to be cautious about the safety measures in the recovery phase and thereafter.

  • Although infrequent, one needs to be aware of possible complications of the surgery, like muscle twitches, chest pain, breathing shortness, lightheaded, dizziness, etc.
  • Avoid engaging in heavy physical activities or exercises
  • Follow up for the prescribed medications by your surgeon
  • Keep away from electrical devices such as mobile phones, MRI scanners and high voltage machineries
  • Avoid high heat physical therapies or hot water bath
  • Remember to inform that you are wearing an AICD pacemaker when consulting a doctor for any kind of treatments or before taking any other medications.

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