Procedure for Brain Tumor Surgery


What Is a Brain Tumor Surgery?

Surgical removal of a Brain Tumor is the most preferred treatment for braon tumor. Surgical intervention is considered as the best brain tumor treatment. Various techniques and technological advancements are making an entry in the field of Neurosurgical Oncology. The current advancement being widely applied is the minimally invasive surgical technique for the best outputs.

Indications of Brain tumor Surgery

The human brain is divided into five major parts. Most of the brain tumor symptoms make an occurrence with regards to the area where the tumor is developing.

  • Frontal lobe tumor symptoms: Poor reasoning, inappropriate social behavior, poor planning skills, and memory loss.
  • Temporal Lobe tumor symptoms: Memory loss, loss of language skills, and loss of hearing.
  • Parietal lobe tumor symptoms: Poor visual perception, poor spatial perception, loss of language capacity, and poor memory.
  • Occipital Lobe tumor symptoms: Loss of vision
  • Brain stem tumor symptoms: Problems related to blood pressure and other heart ailments

Brain Tumor Surgery Complications

Usually, the brain cancer survival rate presents a dismal picture in front of us. We are aware that brain is a most vital organ in our body. A successful brain tumor surgery can minimize this threat considerably and make the things work well for the patient. The possible complications related to brain tumor surgery can include:

  • Allergic reaction to the medicines given for anaesthesia
  • Allergic reaction to the medicines given during working up period
  • Bleeding in the Brain
  • Blood clots in the brain

Brain Tumor Surgery FAQs

Some important frequently asked questions are as follows:

Question: What are the various types of brain tumors?
Answer: More than eight to nine types of tumors are present; they can be further classified based on their behavior and growth patterns. There are certain types of tumors that can be classified based on the grades of the tumors as well.

: What is the duration of hospitalization required for this procedure?
Answer: The period of hospitalization depends on the severity of the case. It may last for a week and can go up to two weeks in some cases.

Question: What causes Brain Cancer?
Answer: In most of the cases, Cancer can be contributed due to genetic inheritance. In some other cases, it can also come up as an outcome of aging of the tumor inside the brain.

Question: What is the prognosis anticipated after a regular brain Tumor surgery?
Answer: The prognosis of brain cancer could be disheartening; as the life expectancy rate of a person is very low after a brain surgery. This is why the patient should always aggressively follow up in order to nip the bud in its entirety.

Question: What are the chances of a brain tumor treatment without surgery?
Answer: Various non-invasive techniques like laser beams and others are available, however, none of them can be considered as a permanent solution for brain tumor. The other processes can only delay the waiting period for surgery, but surgery in any case is inevitable.

Question: What is glioblastoma multiforme?
Answer: Glioblastoma multiforme is the most aggressive type of brain cancer. It spreads very rapidly leading to an emergency situation where surgery almost becomes mandatory. Non-invasive techniques like laser beams can control it for the time being, but mostly, surgery is the best treatment option.

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