Procedure for Cervical Spine Surgery


What is Cervical Spine Surgery?

Cervical spine surgery is usually conducted to treat conditions like:

  • Nerve/spinal cord impingement (decompression surgery)
  • Spinal instability (Spinal fusion surgery).

The objective of these is to restore the stability of the spinal construct caused by certain accidents or other mishaps.

What Is Cervical Laminectomy?

This is a surgical procedure, which has the capacity to relieve the pressure on the spinal cord or spinal nerve by widening the area of the spinal canal. In general cases, Lamina is removed to create more space for the nerves.

What Is Spinal Fusion Recovery Timing For a Normal Patient?

Based on the age of the patient and the complexity of the spinal fusion procedures , we can broadly divide it into three batches, in the first batch the patient is released after an observation of two to three days. In some complicated cases, the patients are kept under observation for up to six and more days. Pain management after the discharge is the main criteria to judge the suitability of a patient and it can also increase the days of hospitalization.

What Are the Problems Faced Post Recovery?

Adjustments with the grabber device and walkers can cause a lot of trouble. The most crucial aspect of the adjustment is connected with fall prevention. It is advisable for the patient with spinal fusion surgeries to create a makeshift place where all the things of daily needs are at a comfortable distance from him.

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