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About Indus Health Plus

Indus Health Plus, pioneer in preventive health checkup was incepted in 2000 with a concept of prevention from diseases through early detection. Today Indus is persistently spreading the word of prevention across locations not just in India but Gulf as well.

To make preventive healthcare available across larger spectrum of the working population, we provide customized preventive healthcare checkups for corporates as well. The idea was to inculcate the habit of prevention among people and make a paradigm shift of their conventional mind-set from curative to preventive healthcare.

In an endeavour to make healthcare ' Available, Accessible and Affordable' to all, Indus has been marching ahead and strong, spreading the cause of prevention to one and all. Preventive Health Checkup – Why You Need One?


  • Growing levels of stress, pollution and other facets of modern lifestyle such as eating junk food, lack of exercise, stress due to work etc taking a toll on your health
  • Diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension & certain cancers are trending towards younger population
  • Most of these diseases do not exhibit pronounced signs and symptoms in their early stages
  • These diseases can be treated more effectively if detected early by regular preventive checkups

Our strengths:

  • Delivery partners in 78 cities across 122 centers in 17 states
  • An outreach to more than 80 lakh people
  • More than 5 lakh satisfied families who have availed preventive health checkups across the country
  • Tie-ups with state-of-the-art hospitals and diagnostic centers to ensure the best of healthcare facilities for our clients across the country
  • Comprehensively designed checkup packages with exhaustive and high end deliverables

Indus is consistent in spreading the word of timely checkup which not only saves an individual from premature death or disability but effectively saves their families from mental and physical trauma and financial distress.

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