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Tips to Keep Yourself Healthy During Ramadan


Tips to Keep Yourself Healthy During Ramadan

Ramadan holds great significance to the people belonging to Muslim community as it celebrates revelation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Observing the occasion, Muslims celebrate the ninth calendar month of Muslim year as a month long fasting event. As one can understand the event can take a heavy toll on the person's body owing to the fact that during the entire month the person won't be consuming any food or beverage. This is the reason pre-Ramadan health preparations become so important. It is also help if you are suffering from Diabetes, heart diseases or other health condition.

Now you might be wondering what those preparations are. Well, here is a look at the most significant ones -

  • Start Getting-Up Early

    One of the most important rituals followed during Ramadan is Suhoor - the pre-dawn meal. Now considering the fact that you will not be supplementing your body with anything throughout the day, it is important not to skip Suhoor. So, acclimatize your body by getting into the habit of getting-up early and having breakfast early in the morning.
  • Bring Coffee Intake Down

    If we look at the current generation, coffee is their go-to beverage. If you are also one such individual, then you need to bring down the coffee intake before the month of Ramadan approaches as it will help you prepare your body rather than having to face the headache when you cut it down instantly.
  • Regulate Your Sleep Cycle

    If you are into the habit of sleeping late and waking up early, then one of the best health tips is to regulate the sleep cycle by modifying it according to Ramadan. In fact, getting into the habit of an afternoon nap can work great as well.
  • Consult an Expert before Ramadan

    If you are unsure whether your body will be able to take the stress of fasting for one month continuously, then going for pre-Ramadan checkup package conducted by Indus Health Plus can be the smartest idea. After all, their health experts can guide you about the feasibility of your body being able to undergo the stress or not.
  • Prepare Yourself Mentally

    Along with giving your body the right dosage before the month of Ramadan begins, it is equally important to prepare yourself mentally as well. The four main motives of practicing Ramadan are fasting, praying, reading Quran and giving in charity. Bring into practice these four aspects a couple of weeks before the Ramadan begins. This will help you develop a habit and you won't feel a major change in routine all of a sudden.

As it is evident, we humans are creatures of habits. You must get into the habit as early as possible and prepare your body fully for the month of Ramadan.

To sum it up, all we have to say is that a lot of physical and mental preparation goes into it. So, if you are planning to observe Ramadan, then you need to get going with both pre and post Ramadan checkup packages. After all, there is no point in going for Ramadan fasting without preparation or else you might end up making your body suffer than pray.

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