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Things that covered in a Full Body Checkup

Living a fast-paced life seems to be the mantra of the new age! Everyone is in a hurry; everyone is busy and the new age has compelled us to work and live as never before. Getting a grip on our health is only but essential.

A complete health check-up is imperative today. Preventive healthcare is the way to go.

A full body check-up ensures that you continue to live healthily. These full body check-up packages provide you with vital information about any diseases that may come your way in the future. They also are a great way to detect anomalies and start early on to nip the onset of the diseases in their early stages.

So, ladies and gentlemen, it's time to take charge of your health, now!

If you wonder what a full body checkup consists of? What does a complete body check include?  If you want to know what is covered in a full body check-up, read on

Things that covered in a Full Body Checkup


There are a variety of full-body check-up packages, tailored to individual needs. These packages vary depending on the age, medical history, and family history. These complete body check-up packages address a wide range of symptoms and discover potential illnesses that may come your way and slow you down.


The full body check-up starts with a basic package and you can avail of the premium package too, if required or suggested by your doctor. A typical full-body check-up characteristically begins with a healthcare professional giving you a consultation, taking a review on your medical past, and assessing your lifestyle. Based on the results, the doctor decides the tests required for the full body checkup. These tests include blood tests, imaging studies, and a few specialized tests.


Catch a quick glimpse into some of the tests a complete body check-up includes. These are some common check-up components, and the doctor can decide to include some or even exclude some, depending on the individual needs.


  • A complete physical examination: This includes examining in a non-invasive way. Typically, your height and weight are measured, the BMI is calculated, and the hip-to-waist ratio is taken. This is to gauge whether you are overweight and may indicate any health risks.
  • Vision examination and Hearing tests: A physical exam may include an eye check-up and hearing tests. This helps detect issues like poor vision or any impairment in hearing.
  • Blood Pressure Management: This crucial yet simple test, helps the healthcare professional assess your blood pressure and identify if you have high blood pressure (hypertension) or are at risk of further cardiovascular diseases.
  • Cardiopulmonary tests: An exercise-based test, this one is a physical test that tests your pulmonary, cardiovascular, skeletal, and neuropsychological systems.
  • A complete blood count: A common blood test that takes a check of your white and red blood cells, your platelets, and also the haemoglobin levels. Underlying conditions like anaemia, infections, or other likely disorders can be detected.
  • Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate: commonly known as the ESR test, this test is important as it indicates any inflammation in the body, it is also the marker for infections or autoimmune diseases.
  • Blood Sugar tests: There is the fasting blood sugar test, which measures the glucose level in your blood. This test is vital to detect the onset of diabetes or monitoring the same. The test requires you to fast overnight before giving your blood for testing.
  • Liver Function Test: This is again a blood test that helps detect anomalies in your liver. The test measures the substances produced by the liver, including enzymes and proteins. This is a standard for diagnosing liver diseases and potential damage to the liver.
  • Lipid Profile test: A must-test to monitor your cholesterol levels. This test evaluates cholesterol levels and any risk of cardiovascular diseases. This test helps manage your cholesterol levels and improve your heart health.
  • Urine analysis test: A simple test to examine the contents and the appearance of the urine, which may open the way to understanding many conditions like urinary infections, diabetes, and kidney diseases.
  • Stool test: An easy non-invasive test, that is crucial to detect any early signs of colorectal cancer or other gastrointestinal conditions.
  • Kidney Function test: A combination of urine and blood tests, that measure the working of your kidneys. An assessment of the levels of waste products, electrolytes, and other blood substances can help diagnose kidney diseases.
  • Uric Acid test: Measuring the levels of uric acid in your blood or urine helps indicate gout, arthritis, or other conditions like kidney stones.
  • Hormone tests: These are blood tests that check the level of hormones and can ring warning bells if there is an imbalance of any kind. A vital test to help detect and address issues related to infertility, libido, and other endocrine disorders.
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone test: Keeping a check on the thyroid gland, this test checks the thyroid levels necessary for core functions like regulating body functions and metabolism. This test helps detect hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, which enables the doctor to start the essential medical therapy.
  • HBsAg: The Hepatitis B Surface Antigen test, helps analyse any past or present acute or chronic hepatitis B infection. If no HBsAg is found, the test is said to be negative.
  • Anti-HCV: This test looks for HCV antibodies that help determine if you have been infected by the Hepatitis virus. This is a critical test because if it is not treated, hepatitis can cause chronic liver damage.
  • Vitamin Test: These include testing the vitamin B12 and Vitamin D in your body. Blood tests determine the level of vitamins in the body and any deficiency can lead to health issues like anaemia, weak bones, fatigue, etc.


Based on the results of the whole-body check-up your doctor can recommend medicines, diet, and further course of action. Health screening packages are a roadmap to your future health. The doctor and you can collaboratively work to maintain optimal energy and health throughout your life.


A complete body checkup is your ticket to a peaceful life, where you are always ahead of any potential health issue, ensuring much-needed peace in this accelerated life.

This is your chance to be proactive, do not wait for trouble to shoot up uninvited! Why wait? Buckle up and schedule your test today.

Remember a healthy you will be a happy you!

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