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Best Way to Boost Your Heart Health

Best Way to Boost Your Heart Health

You can boost your heart health and prevent serious heart diseases by following a healthy lifestyle and annual preventive health checkup routine. Your  blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol levels are important indicators of your heart health. Abnormal limits of these indicators means you need to modify your lifestyle to prevent the onset of cardiovascular health conditions. 


Here are 5 easy ways that can help you in improving your heart health.

Lose the belly fat
Having excessive abdominal fat can increase the blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It is advised to slim down to lose that extra fat from the middle of your body. A healthy, nutritious diet, portion control, calorie check and working out can go a long way in toning and slimming your body. Consume foods that are low in trans-fats, saturated fats, salt and sugar. Eat more vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, antioxidants, fibres and unsaturated healthy fats.

Adopt an active lifestyle
Exercising is an important requirement of keeping your heart and your body healthy. Following an active lifestyle regularly helps in controlling your blood pressure, sugar, and lower your likelihood of developing heart diseases. Exercising also makes you happier and lowers your stress levels.
Quit smoking, once and for all
Smoking cigarettes causes damage to the blood vessels of your heart, and also impacts your brain and lungs. Smoking increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and sudden cardiac death.
Do things that make you happy
Hang out with your friends and loved ones; follow more of your hobbies, get a pet. Being happy can keep your heart beating with good health. 

Get your heart health checked regularly
Your heart health checkup can report your risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Regular preventive health checkups also measure your blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, blood sugar, and many other critical factors that play a role in developing a disease in the body. The reports of your full body health checkup are important to understand and manage your risk factors, and improve your heart health, or take a curative action at the right time. Complete body health checkups are the investments that give you the biggest returns - good health.
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