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Why Indus Health Plus?

Indus Health Plus has emerged as a pioneer in preventive healthcare and wellness solutions. We have had a strong hold on the preventive health, curative and wellness sector for the last 16 years. We are now spreading the noble cause of offering to save lives by prevention globally. Indus health plus offers the most comprehensive health checkups at the most exceptional and affordable price. We have catered to more than 8 million families and over these years satisfied over 0.6 million people not only across India but across other geographic locations like UAE, GCC, Africa, Europe, American continents, Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, and Fiji with our unique products and services.

Corporate Solutions

A healthy employee is a productive employee

It's no breaking news that an employee's physical wellness, psychological health and overall wellbeing improve his/her work performance and productivity. As an employer, you can prevent your employee's health from any illness, workplace stress, etc. by early detecting an ailment. How can you do this? By simply choosing our corporate preventive health & wellness packages. After all, a healthy person is a happy person personally as well as professionally.

What we do?

Customized checkups

Custom-made packages that suit all body types and all age groups

Doctors Counselling

Round the clock helpline for all your and employees’ medical urgencies

Wellness programs

Investment in employee’s wellbeing can be highly rewarding

Personalized Services

Specialized handholding experience at every step

Medical/Nursing Portability

Medical assistance at your convenience

Occupational Health Services

Ensure your workforces' safety and security at the workplace OR Prevent your workforce from work-related injuries and illnesses

Our Service Sectors

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