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What is a Preventive Health Checkup Package?

A preventive health checkup package is a comprehensive bouquet of medical tests to facilitate early diagnosis and prevent future ailments to a large extent. It is a much better choice than treating diseases at a later stage and experience unpleasant medical surprises.

Who is eligible for the preventive health checkups?

Any individual, 18 years and above can avail the preventive health checkup.

How should I take the appointment for a checkup?

You can buy the checkup online by visiting our website On completing the payment transaction, you will receive a welcome call from our executive. You can suggest your preferred date and center for the checkup and our executive will schedule your checkup accordingly.

How long it will take to complete the whole checkup?

The checkup time depends on various factors such as your package, gender, age, medical restrictions and availability of consultants. The checkups are usually completed in a single day. You are requested to keep the entire checkup day free.

Can I prepone or postpone the checkup appointment?

Yes, you can prepone or postpone the appointment as per your convenience. However, any rescheduling is subject to availability of dates. Alternatively, the appointment can be kept on waiting for the desired dates and you will be informed a day before it is available.

Can I upgrade my health checkup package after buying it?

Yes, you can upgrade your checkup packages to another one of higher value. This should be done before you avail the checkup on the existing package. For this, you need to make a payment to the upgrading fee at the Indus office and reschedule a new appointment for your upgraded checkup package.

Do I have to take any earlier medical reports to the centre?

Yes, you need to carry all your documents such as previous medical reports, prescription of the medicines which you take regularly, etc. to the center. Please inform the Doctor about these at the time of pre-counselling/final consultation.

Whom should I contact in case of any query during the checkup?

For any queries that may arise during your tests, please feel free to approach the Indus Client Care Executive present at the checkup center OR call our toll free number - 800035702975

Indus Health Plus Toll Free Number
Give a miss call on 800-035-702-975